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A little bit about us

Hello! Welcome to As you’ve probably worked out, this blog as all about helping you find the best coffee machine. That’s it. Our goal is that simple. Above you’ll find a list of the best coffee machines on the market right now, as well as a detailed product guide that will break down what’s good/bad about each coffee machine in plain English for you.

What’s the best coffee machine for me?

The first thing you should know is there are four main different types of coffee machine.

  1. Capsule machines
  2. Bean-to-cup machines
  3. Manual Espresso Machines
  4. Filter coffee machines

Capsule Coffee Machines

If you’re looking for an easy to use, no hassle, coffee machine – then capsules are definitely the way to go. There’s no mess. Just put your coffee capsule into the machine, place your cup under the nozzle and press a button. That’s it. The machine will grunt and moan and in a few seconds, you’ll be drinking hot coffee. The downside to capsule machines is that you’re tied into buying coffee that comes in capsules that fit your machine… and coffee machine manufacturer’s capsules vary wildly. So things could get expensive and you’re limited to what sort of coffee you can buy. That’s the trade-off for the ease of use.

Bean-to-cup Coffee Machine

Ok, these are my personal favourite coffee machines. They’re almost as easy to use as the capsule machines, the main difference is you have to fill the machine with coffee beans and empty the grind after you’ve made a dozen or so cups of coffee. But, the benefits are great. You can buy coffee beans from anywhere and put them into your machine. This means you can experiment and find the coffee beans that suit your exact tastes. And buying coffee beans is a lot more cost efficient than buying individual capsules.

Espresso coffee machines

The final option is getting an espresso machine. These are more similar to what you’ll find at Starbucks or your local coffee shop but on a much smaller scale. With espresso means you have to use pre-ground coffee beans – you can buy pre-ground coffee from the supermarket or grind up your own beans at home with a separate machine/device. Once you have the ground coffee you need to measure the right amount and then scoop it portafilter (this gets messy) and attach it to your machine. Hot water is then forced through your ground coffee and portafilter into your cup. Like I said, it’s a bit more hassle than a bean-to-cup machine, but they’re usually more compact in size, so could be a good option if you don’t have much space in your kitchen.

Filter coffee machines

Finally, you have filter coffee machines. These are the most basic of all and you’ve probably got one in your office. They were by pouring hot water over ground coffee and then forcing the liquid through disposable paper filters, the brewed coffee is caught in a glass jug that sits on a hot plate – meaning your coffee will stay warm for hours. Filter Coffee is great for when you want to make a batch of coffee in one go and not let it get cold. Ideal for small offices.